Moving to the Metro East IL?

Here are some Moving Tips, along with a Checklist

One Month Until Move
  • If you rent … give your landlord notice.
  • Contact utility companies to terminate any utilities in your name at current address.
  • Contact utility companies to set up service at new address you'll be moving into.
  • Start collecting packing materials.
  • Start sorting your belongings into three piles: Keep…Toss…Store
2 - 3 Weeks Until Move
  • Book a moving company or start collecting info on rental trucks.
  • If needed, arrange moving transit insurance.
  • Complete change of address card so the post office will forward your mail.
  • Arrange for someone to watch any children and/or pets for the day of your move.
  • Start packing things you won't need until after your move.
  • Cancel monthly household services, i.e. newspaper delivery, cleaning personnel.
One Week Before Move
  • Have meters read and pay any outstanding balances due.
  • Arrange to pay for all your final bills at current address.
  • If necessary make arrangements to return keys to landlord.
  • Collect keys for new residence.
  • Draft a sketch of your new residence and map out room assignments to give to people who will be moving your belongings into your new residence.
  • Start checking out your storage options should you need them. Many places are a first come…first serve for storage units.
One Day Before Move
  • Seal and label boxes.
  • Pack a container for emergency supplies.
  • Defrost fridge/freezer.
  • Clean the house or apartment.
Day Of Move
  • Disconnect any remaining appliances.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Close and lock doors and windows.
  • Put down protection on the floors of your new residence.
  • Account for all items moved to your new location.