Climate-Controlled Storage Units & Rooms For Rent In The Metro East IL Area

Belleville Storage Center offers climate-controlled storage units/rooms to provide protection for heat-sensitive goods such as videotapes, albums, photographs and wood furniture.

Not Sure What Items Need Climate-Controlled Storage Conditions?

Here is a list of items you should consider storing in climate-controlled storage conditions.

Belleville Storage Center Offers Climate Controlled Storage Units
Paper products- files or important documents may rot due to high humidity.

Electronics- such as computers.

Home furnishings- may get wood rot if stored in high humidity, especially antiques.

Furs- you may want to store in a cold environment during the summer months when not in use.

Mattresses - dampness can destroy mattresses with mold growth and rust in the metal springs

Musical instruments- instruments such as pianos may be sensitive to changes in environmental conditions especially humidity for rust and wood for rot.